About Me


My name is Geles. I was born in Spain in 1980 and grew up there, soaking my culture and misunderstunding life. At sixteen I read a quote that kept tattooed on my heart. “Search what God wants from you to be and understand your mission in life”. This haunted me for many years, until I understood what I was meant to do. Put pen to paper and write.

I was born in a small town in Cuenca and I grew up in a rural setting I was ten and we moved to Valencia, the city. That residential neighborhood where I lived seemed like a great metropolis and I realized that everything was relative in life. That life change was the first of many that have defined my story and so far is maybe the most traumatic one. Or the only traumatic one. At the time I woke up from somewhere, possibly my childhood.

I studied architecture and worked in the construction industry for more than a decade. At first I had my own studio and later I worked as an architect and interior designer in the Middle East for several years.

One of my passions has always been human behavior and relationships between people. I trained in NLP, emotional intelligence and coaching and was involved in numerous courses and activities.

I am a very emotional person. So much so that sometimes I cannot turn away from my feelings. Sometimes I confuse my emotions with reality and interpret life.

Most of my life I have lived alone, which has made me take a good view of the world and help me build a special relationship with myself.

At this point of my life and finding myself in my late thirties, I am devoting myself to enjoying life, wherever I am, and improving my relationship with myself… and of course writing.